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What Separates Me and You

Chapter 346
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Chapter 346 Make Him Shut Up

Turning the doorknob, Quintin opened the door. Almost immediately, his face changed, and he tried to slam the door close.

However, he couldn’t. The person outside grabbed the door, and no matter how hard Quintin tried, he couldn’t shut it. “Let go!” Quintin glared at Phineas, who didn’t do as he said. Instead, he exerted more force and pushed the door open.

Quintin staggered backward, and to prevent himself from getting smashed against the wall, he could only release his hold on the door.

Phineas swung the door wide open and retreated behind Lewis.

The composed Lewis in a black trench coat stood at the door, his impassive gaze falling on Quintin

Quintin rubbed his wrists and said with displease, “What are you doing here? Aren’t you worried I’ll sue you for barging into my house without permission?”

Lewis ignored him, striding past Quintin and heading for Josephine.

Seeing that, Quintin grabbed Lewis’ arm. “Lewis Alvarez!”

Lewis halted. He tilted his head to glance at Quintin, a look of realization crossing his face. “Oh, right. Phineas, let him sign the agreement.”

Phineas nodded. Then, he grabbed Quintin by the collar and pushed him against the wall.

Quintin’s head banged against the wall, and he lost his vision momentarily. Furious, he glared at

Phineas. “Don’t y’all dare cross the line!”

But Lewis ignored him and continued toward Josephine.

She was glad to see him and immediately threw herself into his arms.

Upon seeing that, Quintin slowly ceased struggling. He was dumbfounded as he watched them.

Lewis caressed Josephine’s head, which was still damp.

Phineas shoved Quintin to the coffee table when he was in a trance, where two copies of a divorce agreement were laid. “Mr. Quintin, please sign these.”

He pressed Quintin against the table, making him stare at the agreements. A while later, he chuckled. “Why should I follow your instructions?”

Phineas replied, “You may save yourself some trouble if you just sign them.”

“I certainly won’t! What can you do about that? I dare you to cut off my fingers instead.”

Phineas frowned and glanced at Lewis.

Lewis shot Quintin a glance and lowered his eyes to look at Josephine, who was in his arms.

She looked tense as she clutched his sleeve. Seeing Quintin being held down against the table worried her. She had no idea why Lewis treated Quintin this way. Tugging Lewis’ sleeve, she signed, “He didn’t hurt me.”

Ruffling her hair, Lewis smiled and said, “Don’t worry. We’re just fooling around with him. Let’s go home. We have no more business here.”

Holding Josephine’s hand, he was about to lead her out when Quintin suddenly asked, “Lewis, what did you do to her? Why can’t she remember anyone else?”

Lewis cast him a glance. “Mr. Quintin, this is none of your concern. Your only concern now is signing those agreements. I reckon you wouldn’t want any of your friends or buddies getting hurt

because of you again, would you?”

Quintin’s face changed.

After a moment of silence, he retorted, “Is threatening me the only action you’re capable of? Oh, I know. You must’ve caused Josephine’s memory loss because you were afraid to see the despise in her eyes, huh? You’re despicable, Lewis Josephine, don’t trust that guy. He’s a bastard, and he’s evil to the core. Don’t let him fool you-”

Before he could finish, Phineas covered his mouth with his hand. “Shut up!”

Josephine heard Quintin. She halted in her tracks, her eyes full of confusion as she looked at Lewis.

The man was brooding with a murderous glint in his eyes as he stared at Quintin.

That gave Josephine a shock, and she subconsciously clenched her fingers tighter.

When Lewis shifted his gaze to Josephine, his eyes had returned to being gentle, as though what she glimpsed moments ago was a mere illusion. He said, “Alright, let’s be on our way. Pay no heed

Josephine peered suspiciously at Quintin before following Lewis to the door.

Suddenly, Quintin found his strength and broke free of Phineas’ grasp when Josephine was several steps away from the door. He shouted, “Josephine! Don’t trust him. He’s a monster. He already has Sierra, yet he’s getting entangled with you too. Don’t fall for his lies! Lewis, you won’t treat her this way if you’re a true man. Show us your suaveness and let Josephine go! I would’ve deemed you worthy of my respect if you had tried to win Josephine back honorably, but now, you’ll only earn my contempt for choosing deception!”

Josephine shuddered when she heard Sierra’s name.

Lewis turned his icy stare on Quintin, his eyes glinting dangerously. “Make him shut up.”

Phineas nodded and whacked the back of Quintin’s head.

His eyes rolled upward, and he became still as he fell on the coffee table, unconscious.

Josephine’s face changed. Anxious, her eyes searched for Lewis.

“Don’t worry. He isn’t dead.” Lewis pulled her into his embrace and led her out. She looked back every few steps, Quintin’s words stuck in her mind.

Thinking back now, everything that happened today-including what everyone said-seemed abnormal to Josephine. But they weren’t the ones acting abnormally, she was.

She seemed to remember less than she should have. She had missed out too much.

No one brought these things up when she was at Hardington, and it was only her and Lewis on the

island, so nothing seemed out of place to her.

But everything started to surface once they reached Elysium.

Thinking about all this, Josephine froze in her tracks and refused to take another step.

She looked up at Lewis and signed, “Is it true? Everything he said.”

Lewis’ fingers traced her cheek as he said in a low voice, “No, it’s not. Don’t believe him.” His voice was deep and sensual, possessing the ability to bewitch. “Don’t tell me you’ll readily believe a stranger over me.”

Josephine bit her lip. Again, she looked back at Quintin, doubt flashing in her eyes.

After a short silence, she tightened her grasp on Lewis’ hand and shook her head.

Her reaction spoke loud of her decision-she chose to believe Lewis.

After all, Quintin was a mere stranger to her, but Lewis was irreplaceable in her memories.

Everything she remembered was related to him. He had treated her with the utmost kindness. She had no reason to show him distrust.

Lewis smiled, held her hand, and left with her.

Quintin lay unconscious as he was unaware of it all.

When they reached the basement parking lot, Josephine couldn’t refrain from signing, “What about Sierra?”

Lewis paused and stared intently at her.

She looked up at him, awaiting his answer.

Moments later, Lewis smiled faintly. “She’s irrelevant.”

Josephine frowned. What did that mean? She couldn’t make sense of his answer.

“Come on. Stop thinking about it and get in.” Lewis cut her off and pushed her into the car.

Puzzled, Josephine took the passenger seat. But Quintin’s accusations continued to run through. her mind

When Lewis was in the car, she asked again, “Did I really lose my memory?”

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