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The Wielder of Death Magic

The Wielder of Death Magic
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The Wielder of Death Magic

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    Summary Thrust i an enigmatic world born from bloodshed; venture inside itsmplexities, dark-side, and always changing nature. At the center, a boy; brought up by an exiled mage, steps i a life of independence. A test try and change his life for the better after witnessing what war can do a person. The walkwards finding a stable living getsppled as a unique magical element awakens. Using people,ying with emotions, doing anything and everything get what he wants, this is the life of the next Death Reaper. Mostly emotionless, lifentinues as questions about his state of mind and being remains clouded behind many personas. This isn’t the ry of a single man, it’s the ry of a whole world. Read as the world builds itself from the ground up.nspiracies, evil, the dark side of humanity. In addition, tis the start of a new age; the birth of monsters – a ry depicting the tales of the first heroes and demons ever exist. The Wielder of Death Magic isn’t a typical fantasy. The heroes don’t summon forth power from heroes of old, here, the characters are the ones who make up the myths and legends for the next generation. Amidst the turmoil, Staxius, he lives on, watching and waiting as the world grows. You’re reading “The Wielder of Death Magic” on See all Hide

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