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The Vampire Cat System

Chapter 374 Do Not Read This
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Author Note: Please Do not read this chapter repeatation of old chapter, the author is not able to upload Chapters today due to deterioration of his health, hope you bear with him, however, the author promise to make up for it very soon.Thank you for reading and your time. God Bless.

After going through his status screen, Bernard realized that apart from his stamina other of his attributes were now 20 points, and although he was reluctant to, he eventually decided to increase the amount of stamina he had, when he thought long and hard about it. The reason why he did this was in case there was a fight or he was outnumbered by his enemies, he wouldn't need to run if he could take care of them, even though he got energy at the same time it wasn't stamina, they were two completely different things that work differently.

With that, his status was now looking much better, while looking at stamina his eyes eventually went to charm he couldn't help but wonder when he would finally be able to unlock such attribute, to be honest, if it was left for him he would have removed it from the list of his attributes after he didn't really see the need for it, but then the cat wouldn't put something useless just for fun, since all vampires were said to be very charming.

[Total experience points:5100/128000]

Looking at the number of experience points he needed just for him to level up, Bernard realize the numbers getting further and bigger than before, at this moment he couldn't help but wonder if there was going to be a limit to how much he could level up in the future, although he didn't want it to be like that, but at the same time he couldn't help but shiver with the thought of having an exaggerated number of experience points needed to level up, at that point Bernard was sure it would definitely be so long it would take years just to level up once.

Bernard finally snapped back to reality as he close the system interface, and then looked at the now empty room, he felt a bit sad since there were no longer any symbiote beast crystals he could absorb, however, he quickly felt much better since he was the person who had absorb them instead, not only was the room now darker but, unfortunately, the highest rank of symbiote beast crystals he could find was only at rank 3.

Although at first the father he went to the higher the rank of symbiote beast crystals, but when he eventually went past those he realized the rank 3 was the highest symbiote beast crystal he would be able to find.

It seemed like whatever that happened on the planet of Straangee made the military personnel to not have enough time to spare when they were about take rank 3 symbiote beast crystals, so they had no choice but to flee while taking the high ranks symbiote beat crystals, even though Benard had no idea if he was correct or not but he thought it was quite plausible, especially after witnessing how strange the planet was. At this moment Bernard couldn't help but think about Ryan and wondered if he should have kept at least one symbiote beast of rank 3 and then find a way for him to absorb it.

'Maybe I was a little bit too selfish with the symbiote beast crystal, if not I could have kept one for Ryan maybe he would have been able to absorb it like I did and then convert it into rank 3 symbiote bloodline?'Bernard thought to himself.

It was needless to say, how much Ryan had always been bullied although he felt bad for him since he couldn't really lend any help, however seeing the symbiote beast crystal in front of him he was sure Ryan would have been happy to throw it away his other symbiote beast for this one.

Since it was only one symbiote beast crystal, Benard thought it wouldn't have been a problem for him to be able to take it with him back to the academy since the size was even smaller than a fist size, but as soon as he thought about Ryan he couldn't help but think about the second years, as he thought about them he began to be angry for what they had done to him, it was needless to say how angry he was at them.

They were the whole reason why he was even on this goddamn planet in the first place, what's more, he had no idea if help was coming or not, after all, he wasn't one of the military academy's beloved students, it wasn't that he was trying to be pessimistic but, but if he was to be honest, then it was likely he wouldn't be getting help, in fact, he was sure the academy was even happy that a supposed weak student like him had died in a dangerous random planet.

Looking at himself, Bernard couldn't help but sigh if it was up to him he would have longed shown he wasn't as weak as everyone thought and shut up the mouths of those who were always trying to bully him, but then he also knew doing that would only get him more unnecessary attention and troubles.

After becoming a halfling he realize the more about why he shouldn't blow his cover or reveal his true self to others, he didn't need to think about what the academy would subject him to once they find out how unique he was, although they were already suspicious he didn't want to give them more rooms for it.

Thinking about his situation made him feel both sad and angry about life, if he was left to him everyone would be given the chance to get what they deserve according to their hard work, but at the same time, he also knew the world couldn't be like that even if he wanted it to be so, it wasn't that it couldn't be so.

It was simply the way the society works, and he was sure nothing would be able to change it even if he was to become as strong as those mighty aboriginals or even stronger, it wouldn't change at best the society would crumble.

If the world works the way you wanted just because you said so, then the world would be too chaotic for anyone to live in since everyone has different wants, needs, and desires, it would be simply impossible to achieve the barely stable balance like the world has now, so it only meant one thing for him become strong enough until he doesn't give a fuck about the society rules or regulations.

If he was as strong as the aboriginals what would he be afraid of at that point? Who would even dare to try to dictate how he should live his life? Nothing, zero, nada...

After thinking for a while Bernard couldn't help but look around the vault room, as he did he soon noticed there was a small dark symbiote beast crystal container at the very back that was obscure to the point, that if he hadn't looked well enough he wouldn't have been able to notice it before, at first he didn't think there would anything left after absorbing the place dried of symbiote beast crystals, but as he got closer, he soon noticed a single symbiote beast crystal that had been placed there.

When Bernard walked closer to the container it was stored in, he raised his hand to touch it, as he did just like every time he touched a symbiote beast crystal he soon received a notification message.

[You have discovered a rank 7 symbiote beast crystal]

[Would you like to absorb the symbiote beast crystal? Yes/No]

[System has discovered three uses for the symbiote beast crystal]

[Would you like to convert symbiote beast crystal into second life?]

[Would you like to convert symbiote beast crystal into a symbiote bloodline?]

[Would you like to convert symbiote beast crystal energy points?]

[Host can also convert symbiote beast crystal into 1,000,000 experience points]

When Bernard heard the artificial intellingence he became a bit confused, it wasnt that the tickets for the vr game was too expensive but rather they were too cheapt although he knew the vr game capsules were provided to by the academy he wasnt extpecting it to be cheap considering ho expensive the game capsule he had seen at the arcade store was, he was expecting the academy game hall to charge an exorbitant amount of credit points than just the 15 the artificial intelligence took.

Bernard couldnt help but look at Sophia, for some reason he felt it was related to her, especially from the way she had stared at the artificial intelligence, not only that just from the way the AI called out her name, he could tell she had somekind of special previledge or connection that made the AI call out her name like that, nevetheless he was still happy but of course why wouldnt he? He would be stupid to refuse to a free meal to his mouth.

With the amount of credit points he was given a day just to buy the game capsule from the arcade store, it would take him a hundred years and yet he wouldnt be able to afford it, so he was obviously happy when he could play for an affordable amount of credit points. It was not like he had any special need for the money, neither did he have any special needs, he obviously could not use the credit points to purchase blood from the clinic even if he had the urge for it, this was why he wasnt worried about the spending credit points.

"Okay, three special tickets has been successfully purchased and registered to your military bracelets."The Artificial intelligence said.

"Okay, let's go before the time expires."

"Hey, Sophia why didnt you let me pay? I still some credit points to spare with me."Bernard said as they were about to go.

Hearing what Bernard said, Sophia felt a warm feeling coursing through her heart however that feeling soon became cold the moment she felt it, with the amount of credit points he had she knew best than anyone else he wouldt have been able to afford it, it wasnt that she was looking down on him it was just the fact, not only just him alone most of the students who were rushing to play the vr game would get to know this when they eventually ask the artificial intelligence this was one of the reasons why the seconds years take credit points from the first years, because just to play the vr game he would have to have at least 100 to 1000 credit points in his bracelet.

"Yeah dont worry about it anyways, come on lets go the time is counting."Sophia replied.

After Sophia purchase the vr game tickets, the artificial intelligence sent them straight to their military symbiote bracelet, this way not only woudld it be difficult to lose the tickets when they got close to the vr game capsule they just needed to tap their military symbiote twice to locate game capsules they paid for, as they walked around the hall room they ntoticed the amount of people playong the vr game were a lot lesser than they thought, considerign the amount of crowd they had seen beofe they thought all the game capsules would have been taken by now, however to their surprise it wasnt besides that this also confirmed the Bernard suspicion earlier.

After they got close to the game capsules Sophia, told them to tap their symbiote bracelet the moment they did, three game capsules that were sides by sides slid opened, making them realize this was the game capsules they had paid for. After they got close, they were given a number.

"Okay with this you can now start playing."Sophia said while walking towards the vr capsule at the right side."it is only when you purchase a ticket, anyone is given access to them, this is why the vr capsules you saw in the arcade store was so expensive, because compared to the military vr capsules were all the servers are linked together like a web and would have to pay as well, when you purchase them from the arcade store you can do anything you like with it, not only that a vr capsule that belongs to the to academy cant be moved from the academy game hall, but the one you purchase can be moved and install anywehre you like and you can also connect to the guids in the outside world.

"Whereby the military vr capsule cant do that, however you can still challenge other military academies this is what a personal vr capsule cant do except you choose to connect your vr capsule to a military server as a student, to be honest although a personal vr capsule seemed to have more advantage than a military one, they are the same in fact the military one seemed to have more advantage.

"After login inside the vr capsule you can start creating your ID but i prefer you play as a guest for now, before doing that also you if you need help with anything you can send me a message by searching my ID Sophia Ash, and then you can join me."

After saying that, Sophia didnt say anything else and simply walked into the vr capsule that was already opened, after laying down inside the vr capsule they couldnt help but close their eyes shut, the moment they did both their symbiote military bracelet and the vr capsule lit up with a bright flash, after it lit up was as if their figure had completely disappeare and then teleported however they still there but you wont be able to see them.

As machine gradually activated itself, the lid gradually close on them immediately after that beofe they knew could tell what was happening, almost as if they had been teleported to another world, as they opened their eyes they realize they were now in a world of light.