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Reborn as the Princess' Knight (GL)

Chapter 250 Guild Boat (II).
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Chapter 250 Guild Boat (II).

Chapter 87: Guild Boat (II).

Kein's POV

We had a smooth sailing shopping for the things we needed in the market, from the clothes and the food. I packed a lot of water for the trip, including a tent that I planned on sharing with Kazari and a few wood for fire.

"There we go." My part of the shopping trip was over, I placed it all into my [Storage Ring] and was thankful for magical items. "Now where did those two go?"

They weren't too far away from me, just on the other stall. I could see Avery in her disguise, being mischievous and a menace.

"Oh… my… can you give this old grandma a discount for a nice lovely shawl?" (Avery) with her fluent sprivanian that is similar to Spanish, knew how to charm the people off with getting discounts.

"Which color, abuela?" The young stall seller asked, looking smitten with Avery.

He stands up to show the available shawls as Avery sees its different designs and colors.

"Si, the pink one… oh you're so kind my child not only that but eres muy guapo." (Avery) was really deep into her role of being an aged grandma, making her voice a little high pitched and talked like one.

I don't know where she managed to get that white haired wig and make up but she did a good job playing the role of one, even hunching her back.

"Here you go, abuela. Disfruta tu día!" The stall seller packed her shawl giving another one as a freebie with a huge smile on his face.

Avery giggled and held the man's hand shaking it, "?Si, tu tambien!"

She immediately went to another stall but this time it seems that her targets were small little wooden figures carved into cute little animals.

"How much for this one, sonny? Ah… I wish to bring a few of these back home to my grandchildren. Y-You see… we're not well and I have many grandchildren to feed…" (Avery) started crying a little, it was crocodile tears because when she saw the pitiful reaction of the stall owner she granted herself victory and got a discount for the wooden toys that she wanted.


I left Avery alone because it seems like she'll be shopping in other places and with her bilingual talent including the passive charm skill that she has even if she dressed herself as a grandma people still can't help but treat her kindly.

I didn't have to worry about her much. So I looked for Kazari this time-


Kazari was holding her chin looking at several tea collections on display, looking rather serious.

She holds a tea bag looking over the description before asking, "Excuse me but do you have lavender tea?"


The old woman who was managing the stall looked confused as Kazari responded with Puronian language, kazari was taken aback and realized what the problem was. "Ah… right."

I could see her placing the tea back down but I stopped her momentarily placing a hand on her shoulder, "Ella estaba preguntando si tienes té de lavanda." I reassured the girl that I would help her with getting what she needed.

"She was asking to see if you have lavender tea. My friend over here was hoping she could buy some and just curious, do you have some honey as well?"

The old lady's eyes lit up a bit when she heard me speaking her language and immediately took out everything we needed. "This is everything that you need right, I have a few things out in the back if you want to check it out, hermana?"

The lavender tea and the honey was placed down on the front.

"We would love to check things out, abuela. Right after I talk to my friend if she needs anything else." I give her a smile and she nods tending to the other customers she has looking around the stall.

"I didn't request for honey…?" (Kazari) looks at me puzzled and I held the lavender tea that she wanted in my hand before offering it to her. "Oh sorry that was mine but here is the lavender tea you were asking about. I thought of buying some and bringing it home when everything is over. Honey too, I like my tea rather sweet you see."

"I was hoping we could all sit together at camp, we could boil hot water and I bought a few cooking tools, a cooking pan, a foldable table and a kettle. Seeing that we have no one to rely on with fire magic, it is a good thing I have a fire stone in my inventory space." (Kazari) tells me with a smile on her face while I stood there thinking-

A foldable table?

Kazari points to the side where a box foldable table was recently bought on display. "I hope there won't be a problem."

I could now see what kind of people I'll be going with by the way they shopped and carried their things around. "Aren't you buying too much actually?"

"Perhaps but it would be better for us to be prepared for anything that might happen in the desert. If we eat- then I worry we won't have a place where I can cook and prepare ingredients without the foldable table." (Kazari)

"True…" I couldn't really fight off that logic because there will be times where we need to sit down and eat on the floor.

Sleep on a tent too, a high chance where we'll have sand inside once we set it up.

"I will take everything that must be necessary, thank you for your help, Miss Kein."

Kazari gives me a smile before paying for the lavender tea, leaving the paper money in the old woman's hands. "How do you say thank you in sprivanian?"

"You say gracias."

"Gracias." Kazari tells the old woman who smiles sweetly at her attempt to say thank you in such a cute accent before leaving to go to another stall.

"Well I need to pay mine-" I took out my money before being stopped by the old woman telling me?that the payment has already been taken care of by Kazari who gave too much more than she should.

"No, no pay." The old lady insisted that I keep my share of money, I handed it to her but she shakes her head insistently. "Your amiga… seemed to have given too much, I think it is a gift for you."


"Thank your friend instead, she is very kind and hmm… looks foreign too. She is not from here so best to accompany her when you're going shopping- many scammers in the market." The old woman pats my hand, and my eyes widened in realizing that she was right.

We were lucky that we stumbled upon this nice grandma for our reminders to not let your friend wander around if she doesn't know the language.

"Gracias, abuela!" I nodded my head in thanks for her help and ran quickly to catch Kazari who had the same problem in another stall.

I walked up to Kazari who was standing a few feet away, her eyes were like a cat's when it felt a little embarrassed. "..."

I chuckled, "So what else do you need?"

"T-They sell rice here so I thought we could make something with it." (Kazari)

"Excuse me, did you just say rice?"

I saw the rice bags on display, brown rice, white rice, black rice and a few others with different names I haven't even seen before but they were all labeled as rice.

"No way…"

I hit the fucking motherload.

I didn't wait for the stall owner to notice me and just grabbed the old man's attention with my money in hand.

"?Dame todo el arroz que tengas!" I yelled very loudly, making everyone's heads turn into my direction but I didn't care.

"?Está segura?" The old man asked if I was sure that I would buy everything he had and I nodded excitedly.

"Si!" I immediately bought everything they had. YOU CAN'T FIND THESE IN PURONIA!



"Miss Kein, aren't you buying too much rice? While I understand your feelings that we can't find this in Puronia-"



With a happy smile on my face, I held a bag of rice and gave her some. "You know, through this shopping trip I think I've taken a huge liking to you."

Kazari blinked slowly and stared at the bag of rice before responding to me seriously, "My apologies, but my heart already belongs to another."

Ugh not that- I already have Rose.

"Not that kind of dumbass, I feel closer to you and I'd like to be a close friend!" I patted her back and grinned widely. "Thanks for the lavender tea, the grandma there told me that you paid too much and that it was in the house."

"Hai I thought you would love your own lavender tea to bring home to your beloved." (Kazari) tells me which made me blush a little because she was right, I wasn't going to open this pack of tea.

I was hoping I'll be able to give it to Rose once we get back to the kingdom.

"Well… you know you can also cook rice for your beloved and I think she'll enjoy this rice if you made it. It's good for your health too."

Kazari smiles,?"I haven't eaten… rice in a while."

"Same, let's cook some when we start going out to the demon lands."


Kazari and I talked a lot while we looked at other things as I became her translator. I never thought me and her would become good friends, she loves rice too.

Which is a win for me.

We all met up together in the center of the market, seeing Avery holding lots of bags and looking tired in her grandmother outfit.

She seemed to have gotten a lot of discounts.

"No way! You guys found rice?! When I got there it was already sold out!" (Avery) points at the bag of rice Kazari was holding. "Can you share some?!"

"Yeah I bought all the rice they had there, don't worry I'll share. My [Storage Ring] is a huge compartment but I'm afraid it'll be full soon." I fiddled with my ring that I've been using for years, if I knew this would happen I would've gotten a separate storage ring for the rice.

"My [Inventory] is almost full too. It's very hard being a very cool yet cute grandma where they just can't help giving me discounts. Man, I'm tired and the wig is making my head very itchy." (Avery) says with a sigh, scratching her head.

"Likewise, the day is almost over. We should go back to our inn to rest." (Kazari) suggested as we all looked up at the sky, with a hue orange of color with the sun coming down.

"Alright then, let's go."

A few hours later…

I had Vanilla over at the stable part of the inn and parked her there thanking her for carrying some of the stuff we couldn't fit in the [Inventory] or our [Storage Ring].

"My feet are killing me." (Avery) groaned, her body just plopping down into the bed with a loud thud. "Ah soft… soft bed how I missed you so."

She caresses the sheets tenderly. "You don't know how much I missed you after all those walks… running and pretending to be a grandma with over twenty grandbabies."

"Did you guys get everything you need for yourselves?" I turned towards the two, taking off my shirt.

After that whole shopping time, we went back to the same inn and rented out the same room.

"Yeah! My whole inventory is almost full from the things I bought. I have my other junk from the past adventurers, treasure, money and a butt load supply of mana potion." (Avery) opens her floating window, showing her hoarded collection of items that she was impressed with.

"Two years of grinding and leveling up will do this to you, huh?" I teased and waited for Kazari in the conversation.

"I am also… tired. It is best if we sleep early for today so we can arrive early tomorrow to meet my sister." (Kazari) stretches her body before also plopping right back down into her bed.

I took off my boots and went into my own separate bed, yawning, feeling a little dizzy and wished Rose was beside me during these times.

I miss her warmth, I miss her hugs, I miss her hair, I miss her smell and just everything…

And Vivienne, I hope she's sleeping well without her bedtime stories with me. I hope father and the others are keeping her company at night.

"Yawn…! Goodnight buddy!" (Avery)

"Goodnight, Miss Kein. I will turn off the lamps now." (Kazari)

Kazari turned off the light of the lamp, and we were all swallowed in the darkness, making me even more sleepy and homesick.

"Goodnight you two, we deserve all the sleep we can get because tomorrow, is the real start of our adventure."

I slept soundly that night.