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Mythical Slayer: Mythical Girls Contract

Mythical Slayer: Mythical Girls Contract
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Mythical Slayer: Mythical Girls Contract

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    Summary A 20 year old young chef, Kai, loved Supernatural things. He loved read and know about myths and ries and longed for them.One day, after closing a restaurant, a voice called out inside his head.[Help me!]What he didn’t know was his life would change when he met a girl, a Phoenix, who asked for his help. From her, he found out about his specialnstitution of being able make antract with Mythical Beasts.With the power of Mythical Beasts in his hand, he would shake the hidden Supernatural World.Ampany his journey, from being a simpleok the Mythical Slayer ampanied by a few Mythical Beasts (Girls)! You’re reading “Mythical Slayer: Mythical Girlsntract” on See all Hide