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My Doomsday Territory

Chapter 711
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The great Dao Sect, Nine Dragon Mountain, and the surrounding towering mountains did not becmuch more lively because of the addition of more than three thousand disciples.

The sect was a closed-off management. Before the disciples achieved a certain result, the disciples were forbidden from leaving.

Whether it was the inner sect or the outer sect disciples, they were all full of energy to train.

The Tower of Trials, the Bounty Hall, the library… Other than cultivation, these were the places that inner and outer sect disciples frequented.

The Bounty Hall was currently only gave small mission to take care of the sect, but the reward Tang Yu gave was not low. It was enough for the disciples of the sect to exchange for the number of times they could enter the Tower of Trials and borrow books from the library.

The cultivation resources provided to thousands of disciples, many of which were rare resources that did not exist in the Mountain and Sea World. These resources needed to be transported from other worlds… It seemed to consa lot and was extremely expensive. Yet, compared to Tang Yu himself, compared to the resources consumed by Elaine and the others during cultivation, it was not even one percent or one thousandth.

It was not directly bestowed because the resources could not be given for free.

Tang Yu also thought about whether to open the “krypton crystal” function, so that sdisciples from big families with extraordinary backgrounds can exchange unused resources such as source crystals for sect points… After careful consideration, Tang Yu still vetoed it.

In his view, the elite disciples of the sect had to be cultivated into the core force.

Just as the top forces of the Seven Luminaries Federation thought of the Great Dao Sect, there were top experts, and there was even more than one, but the core force was very scarce.

In addition to Yan Dingtian, Shang Gong Ling, and a few followers that he did not remember their names, there was noone else in the Unity Realm.

Perhaps there were also unique puppets like Nightingale, but not many.

The core force was the main force of the confrontation between the top forces, and they could not just let Elaine and the others fight when they were in danger – their precious tshould be spent on cultivation and understanding the laws.

The function of ‘krypton crystal’ is not conducive to the healthy growth of sect disciples… and they can’t make a lot of money. How can the expenses of the awakened juniors be compared to the elders of void and united realm ?

In the middle tier factions, the united realm clan master controls the power and most of the family’s resources. These are the ‘krypton crystal’ groups Tang Yu hopes for.

Tang Yu used thirty seconds to deal with sinternal affairs of the sect.

He opened the system panel and browsed through the available resources in the warehouse.

“In order to build the Great Dao Sect and the Great Dao City,

In the past few months, more than half of the profits from the ” Treasure Pavilion” had been used on it, and the resources needed to synthesize the “Source Crystal” were not enough.

His original strength was 500% at the peak of Super Two, but now it has increased to 1600%.

The clone did not have the ability to regenerate with a drop of blood, but the powerful Origin could also cause the clone to explode with even greater combat strength, and the Origin Ignition would last even longer.

He had already discovered that when he had just touched upon the Laws, he could only draw upon a tiny bit of the power of the Laws, and he could still use Origin Energy to control it.

It would only take two or three seconds for him to be hollowed out.

Once the Laws entered the threshold, they would be able to draw upon even more Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Just relying on Origin Energy alone was insufficient, and he would need to burn his Origin Energy.

It was ten times, a hundred times more powerful.

If he used the s‘White Glass Flame’ now, he could completely kill a peak Unity Realm expert in half a second.

Fortunately, the construction of Dao City has basically been completed. As long as Dao City becomes the center of the world in the future, the incof property and teleportation will far exceed that of the “Gathering Treasure Pavilion”.

He closed his eyes and sensed.

In the Book of Contract, the page of Hong Yue was still gray and undetermined.

She was still in a coma.

“I thought the Nether Sea Crystal was enough, but if Luo Zhe and the others could increase their limit by 2000%, it seems that it is still too far off…”

He did not intend to give the Origin Crystal to every follower, but Luo Zhe, Hui Ren, and Winnie had made extraordinary contributions in the development history of the territory. He was definitely not stingy.

With Luo Zhe’s talent and comprehension, if his origin was strong enough, he might be able to break through to the Saint Realm in the future.

Tang Yu pointed at his tactical watch and called the office in the Blue Water Duchy.

“Dudu –“

He walked to the window and leaned against the bar.

Looking out, it was a small path paved with fluorescent stone. The small path was decorated with colorful flowers. Further away was a flat area that was slightly lower than the mountain peak. There were magnificent halls and pavilions lined up in rows.

The veranda was back, and the eaves and teeth were high. It was like the good fortune of the world.

The signal was connected, and Grand Sect Master Tang withdrew his gaze and asked indifferently,

“How is the situation in the Nether Sea?”

The operator on the other end sounded a little nervous. “My lord, uh… Ever since countless Unity Realm and Divine Domain escaped from the Nether Sea, the rebellion in the Nether Sea has gradually subsided after a few months. The storms and turbulence above the sea have weakened a lot, but it is still difficult for the Unity Realm to survive in the Nether Sea…”

“Many large-scale pirate organizations have left. Only the Three Emperors, the various great nations, and the fleet from the Northern Sea Divine System are still outside the Nether Sea. Those forces send Divine Domain Realm experts into the Nether Sea from tto time. We do not know the specific information. We only know that the Nether Sea Crystals have becmuch scarce, and the abnormality of the sea is about to pass…”

Tang Yu hung up the call in disappointment.

But no matter what the result is, the Three Emperors and the other existences standing at the top of the world have no fate with the treasure of the Sea Emperor, and they…

Since he couldn’t go into seclusion, Grand Sect Leader Tang walked out along the path paved with fluorescent stone.

“Speaking of which, as the Sect Leader, I haven’t even walked a hundredth of the place that I have been to.”

Normally, wherever he went, he would walk through the teleportation array far away and close to the space teleportation.

He didn’t even need to step on the void and never had the chance to take a good look at his own sect.

“Ah, the comprehension of the space law is too deep. It is not good to go in and out too conveniently.”

From the attic he was in, it was the hall of the sect hall and the hall where many elders of the great Dao sect lived – Although most of the elders did not stay in the Dao Sect.

Tang Yu walked all the way to the training area and did not meet any disciples along the way.

There were more disciples in the training area. Every once in a while, Elaine, Kong, and the others would teach in the sect. At the end, they would also arrange shomework. After they finished, they could get a certain amount of sect points according to the score.

“This time, we will definitely cultivate the Vine Dragon!”

At the bottom of the hillside, in the experimental spawn area, a group of young girls looked nervous and excited.

A young man in luxurious clothes took out a small jade bottle like a treasure and sprinkled it on the soil that had been dug up.

“Next, it’s my turn. Little Rainfall Technique!”

The wind rose, and the clouds gathered into water droplets that rained down.

In an instant, heavy rain poured down.

“It’s getting bigger, it’s getting bigger. Increase the output of Origin Energy!”

Tang Yu saw the disciples of the sect attack one after another and cast spells.

“Great Art of Fertilizer!”

“Sacrifice of Tree Realm!”

“Life Surge!”

“Holy Light Illumination!”

“Super-speed Split!”

A green sprout could be seen breaking through the earth with the naked eye.

The small vines coiled together, quickly growing, growing higher and higher.

In just a few minutes,

Coiled together, the green vine that looked like a thick python was more than ten meters long.

“We succeeded!”

The sect disciples cheered, “The spells I have been looking forward to can finally be exchanged!”

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The ground suddenly shook and exploded again, sending countless rocks flying everywhere.

Sof the sect disciples used spells to block the flying rocks, while others nimbly dodged them.

In a burst of smoke and dust, the vine dragon broke through the ground and rushed to the distance

The dozen or so sect disciples were stunned.

After two or three seconds, someone finally reacted and shouted, “Stop it! Don’t let our homework run away!”

Tang Yu : “……”

Could it be that this sect master has been in seclusion for too long and is a little unable to understand it?

“The newly born Vine Dragon already has the strength of the Body Sculpting Realm. Once it reaches maturity, it should not be bad.”

“This was developed by the disciples themselves?”

He did not remember the sect had cultivated a demonic plant like Vine Dragon.

Tang Yu released his mental energy and observed for a while. The training area was not just a small team of homework. Perhaps it was more appropriate to call it the research team.

Compared to the people from the Blue Planet, the younger generation of the Mountain and Sea World had sfoundation.

Under the guidance of Elaine and the others, they had made sachievements not long after they entered the sect.

After the post-production of demon beasts like the vine dragon, if they could be cultivated on a large scale and used to build a defense line, the effect might be better than the simple rune wall.

At the stime,

Seven Luminaries Federation, Red Luminaries City.

The elder of the Red Luminary returned, his face covered in dust.Follow current novelenglish.net or s on novelenglish.net or Fɪre.ɴet

“Without a word, the White Feather Clan and the Teal Hill Mountain Fox Clan were roped in by the Great Dao Sect.”

He had originally been worried that under the attack of high-end resources such as the Divine Weapon, Origin Recovery Medicine, and the like of the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, the middle-sized forces were likely to be indecisive.

On the surface, they agreed to follow behind the Federation and fight against the Great Dao Sect together, and secretly leaked the news of them to the human race.

The Great Elder of the Red realized this, so he only brought a few of his clansmen to quietly go to White City to discuss with the White Feather Clan.

It was impossible for the top forces to be tempted by the Great Dao Sect, right?

The Divine Domain-Grade Divine Weapons, Origin Recovery Medicine, Array Formations, Talisman Techniques, and so on were all not inferior to the top forces.

On the contrary, White City had a Transporting Formation, so it would definitely be affected by the Great Dao Sect.

As for the Fox Clan?

The Red Elder had also prepared a method to rope them in, and the relationship between the Beastmen and the Human Race had never been good.

He was confident that he could rope in several top forces and give the Human Race a thunderous blow before the Great Dao Sect could gain a foothold.


The Red Elder frowned, “It is impossible for the White Feather Race and the White Fox Race to be roped in in in just a few months. It must be the Great Dao Sect’s plan.”

Now that I think about it carefully, the Great Dao Sect is not like the kind of power that lacks foundation. Whether it is in many places on the continent, there are transmission arrays distributed, or the divine weapons that are almost like bottomless pits, it is all clear…

The Great Dao Sect completely stood on the surface. Although it has only been a few months, in the dark, it is very likely that it has planned for tens of thousands of years!”

The more the Red Elder thought about it, the more he felt that it made sense.

The human race is a single race with the most number of people. They are spread all over the continent, but the human race has never produced a top level expert. This is obviously abnormal… The only possibility is that the true genius of the human race has already been taken away. Even the human race is weak, and it is also the Great Dao Sect who deliberately did it. Only a weak race without a core race would the other races dare to be at ease to let the human race live in their own country.

In this way, many of the human race’s plans can be carried out even more smoothly. For example, even our Seven Luminaries Federation may have the teleportation array of the Great Dao Sect.

After several tens of thousands of years of forbearance, it seems that I can no longer look at the human race as an upstart.

“This is a race that has already transformed the potential of war into strength! Moreover, they might even have plans that I do not know of on the continent, or even in the Endless Sea!”

The next day, Tang Yu looked at a secret letter from the intelligence department and was silent.

What happened?

Why was it that the Seven Luminaries Federation had been eyeing them covetously and had even sent out many people to test them, but now, it seemed like they were hiding and defending?

I didn’t even cknocking on their door either!

Grand Sect Master Tang was stunned again.

Even after searching for information, the intelligence department was unable to obtain any information from the upper echelons of the Seven Luminaries Federation. It was just that there was news from the White Feather Clan that the Seven Luminaries Federation was preparing to unite sforces to deal with the great Dao Sect.

The White Feather Clan had also mentioned in the letter that they could send experts to assist when needed.

Tang Yu pondered, still not understanding what had happened.

Even if the White Feather Clan stands on their side, doesn’t the Seven Luminaries Federation still have a great advantage?

I was originally a little worried, alright?

“As for the support of the White Feather Clan?”

Tang Yu had never thought of relying on other races. The relationship between races was more important. For example, the area where White City was located was still used by the White Feather Clan’s teleportation formation, and the White Feather Clan might be optimistic about the potential of the great Dao Sect…

But at most, he could sell it well.

The only thing he could rely on was his own fist.

Yes, it was his follower’s fist.

Several top forces joined hands. Although the threat level was not high, it could affect Great Dao City. Now, Great Dao City was about to change from negative incto positive income. If the war broke out…

The impact is definitely not small. Sforeign races, including the human race themselves, will choose to wait and see.

However, it is also an opportunity. Although the real estate in Dao City has been sold out quite a bit, there are very few forces that are really investing a large amount of resources in Dao City. They are still worried and are still watching… Only the great Dao Sect is still not weak against the top forces. Only then can it be considered a true foothold.

Tang Yu calculated his combat strength.

Elaine, Nancy, and Kong, with the support of their ability points, can face the invincible experts head-on and even win a little.

Nancy was the strongest in terms of pure combat strength, but Elaine had a holy weapon.

“Elaine, who has a holy weapon, might be able to fight against a sage? Or even suppress him?”

“However, aren’t the two or three saint ranked sages in the Empire and the Dragon Emperor a little weak?”

It was not that he looked down on the saint ranked experts of the Dragon Emperor, but the sages of the Endless Sea were a little weak, and the invincible experts with incomplete holy weapons could easily escape from the sage rank.

Doesn’t that mean that I can use teleportation to play around with a sage?

“The holy rank of the devil camp back then existed, and across the endless starry sky, that terrifying aura had enveloped the entire world… Although it may not be an ordinary holy rank, it is more likely that the holy ranks of the Dragon Emperor and others are not Perfect sage ? Possibly a half-sage? quasi-sage?

However, they obviously possessed sof the characteristics of a sage. For example, unlimited lifespan? At least, no sage had died from exhaustion.

The number of sages on the continent might be a bit more than the Endless Sea, but in general, they should be about the same.”

Hui Ren, Gretel, Fanny, Lorraine, etc. are the second echelon combat power, but their blessings are only slightly inferior to the invincible powerhouses, and they are much higher than the pirate generals.

There was also the joint attack secret technique obtained from the great Emperor of the sea.

Even though the Seven Luminaries Federation has joined forces with several factions and our Great Dao Sect is not bad in terms of combat strength, we don’t have much advantage.

Perhaps we can resist the enemies that come, but it is impossible to heavily injure them.

Tang Yu was unwilling to develop into a long war, it would be against his original intention to make money.

“The formation is not strong enough, but the hadvantage is not only the support of the territory, I seem to have forgotten another trump card.”