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Kids from One Alpha

Chapter 160
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Chapter 159 : The Future
“Why are we going to the doctor, Mommy?” Sophia asked, tugging her mother‘s hand. “The doctor is going to show us what the b
aby looks like,” she explained. “We‘ll see the baby?” Charlie asked. “But how?”
Their mom laughed lightly. Sophia and Charlie rolled their eyes at each other. “There‘s a machine that allows doctors to see insid
e my belly while they baby is still growing. We will see the baby on a screen, like a TV screen,” she told them. “That‘s so cool!” S
ophia said. “Is the baby going to see us too?” Gabriel asked. “No, the baby can‘t see us. But the baby can
hear and feel.” Their mom stopped walking and took each of their hands, putting them on her belly. “The baby knows who is who
and they you‘re their siblings.” “Really?” Charlie asked, eyes nearly popping out of his head. “Really,” their mom said, laughing a
gain. The doctor put their mom on
a table, laying her down. Their dad held her hand as the doctor squeezed some blue gel on her stomach. She was getting round
er. The kids noticed it but now they could see her big belly with her shirt lifted up. “Ready to see what‘s cooking in there?” the do
ctor said. “Our baby isn‘t cooking!” Sophia cried, horrified at the idea of the baby ‘cooking! “Honey, it is just an expression,” her m
om assured, patting her hand. “I just meant that there‘s a baby growing in there,” the doctor confirmed, nodding at the kids.
She pressed a little wand on their mom‘s belly, and the screen flickered with a black and white image of lines and blobs. “That‘s t
he baby?” Charlie asked, wrinkling his face. “Yes, that‘s the baby,” the doctor said. She pointed to some of the lines. “There‘s the
head, and you can see the little heart beating. It looks like you‘re having a girl.” “A girl?” their mom gushed. She looked at their d
ad, starry eyed. “A girl?” Sophia asked, crossing her arms. “Yay! No more boys!” Charlie cried. “Two boys and two girls,” Gabriel
said, “That‘s perfect.” “Yeah, I guess,” Sophia grumbled. She liked being the only girl, but everyone else was really happy. “What
do you think, is a girl good?” their mom asked their dad The kids waited for him

Cheet1 The Future to answer. He hadn‘t smiled at all yet, Sophia hoped that he thought of her as his only princess No room for a
nother girl,
“I think a girl is the perfect addition to our family.” their dad said. He leaned in and kissed their mom‘s head, then put his hand on
the back of Sophia‘s. “I want to be the only princess,” Sophia insisted,
“You are a princess,” her dad assured. “This new baby won‘t be a replacement. Just another princess for our family.” Sophia smil
ed. As long as she was the original princess, she could be okay with a younger sister “We‘re going to have a girl!” Charlie cried.
Gabriel, Charlie, and Sophia started running around the room. “We‘re going to have a girl, we‘re going to have a girl,” they sang
as they ran around, [Flash Forward

When all his kids were grown, Thomas finally decided to step down as Alpha, handing over the reins of Starseeker to Santino. Th
ey were going to have a formal ceremony for both Starseeker and Moon Seeker to become one pack. Serena and Logan
were there with their kids. Oliver had grown into a strong prospective Alpha and Olivia was always pushing him out of his comfort
Sophia and Olivia had become best friends and had recently become roommates in their own house
Charlie, Gabriel, and Oliver had arranged similar living conditions for themselves. Sophia and Olivia were on the Moon Seeker si
de of the territory line while the three boys were on the Night Sky side, Santino and Alexandra‘s youngest daughter, Viki –
short for Victoria in honor of her great grandmother –
wasn‘t ready to move out yet and still lived in the big house with her parents
Life had been good for Santino and Alexandra the past fifteen years. “Are you ready for this?” Alexandra asked, slipping her han
d into his. Santino smirked and nodded, “I‘ve been ready for this for a while.” “Just waiting on the old man to make up his mind a
bout retirement,” Thomas said, laughing and clapping Santino on the back. Santino rolled his eyes but laughed. “Yeah, it only too
k you fifteen years.” “Well, you had four young kids to take care of, and a pack to

rebuild. I didn‘t want to throw more responsibility at you,” Thomas admitted, “Thanks, ever 30” Santino said, rolling his eyes. “I, fo
r one, am grateful that you only had one pack to focus on while we were raising our kids,” Alexandra said, kissing his cheek.
“Dad!” Sophia called, waving to him. “Hey, you, I‘m glad you could make it,” Santino said, hugging his eldest daughter. She hugg
ed her mother too. “Of course, I‘m here. Charlie and Gabriel are on their way with Oliver. This is a pretty big day,” Sophia said. “It‘
s not like I haven‘t been Alpha of my own pack for years,” Santino grumbled. “Yeah, but this is the first time two packs in the Fed
eration have merged,” she pointed out.
To no one‘s surprise, Sophia, Charlie, and Gabriel were
beyond smart. “Oh, I‘ve got to go say hi to Uncle Logan and Aunt Serena. See you guys!” Sophia ran off.
“Do you have your speech prepared?” Alexandra asked. She nodded out at the gathered crowd, a huge collection of Moon Seek
er and Starseeker members. “I‘m ready, don‘t worry about me,” Santino assured. Thomas took the microphone first. “Settle down
, everyone. I am happy to be here today, as the long–
time Alpha of Starseeker. I always knew that when I stepped down, my son, Santino, would take over for me. When I leave this st
age tonight, I will no –longer be Alpha, and Starseeker will no longer be Starseeker.”
It was a short speech, and there was a ripple of clapping through the crowd. Both packs knew this day was coming eventually, it w.

“It‘s all up to you now, my son,” he muttered.
Santino chuckled nervously and cleared his
throat. “Thank you everyone, for gather today. As you all know, the Federation has struggled in the past few decades to remain str
and humility that I take on the role of Alpha for a newly merged pack. Under one Alpha, in a combined territory, with one name, we
late,” Alexandra chastised. “I heard the speeches. What else is there?” she asked, still owning that teenage attitude. “Viki!” Charlie
Gabriel and Sophia wandered over, laughing. “That‘s not too hard, you know,” Sophia teased, flipping a lock of
Viki‘s hair. The youngest girl glared
at her older siblings. She‘d always been the one to get teased most, but Viki had really learned to hold her own. She was so stron
wide embrace. The tangle of bodies and arms swayed dangerously, causing them all the laugh and try to hold onto each other tigh
and enjoy the party, Santino put his arm around Alexandra‘s shoulders. “Well, we finally did it,” he mused. “And this is the start of t