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I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 886 - 886: Quasi-emperor Puppet
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Chapter 886 - 886: Quasi-emperor Puppet

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Within the ruins, a puppet slowly stood up.

Its damaged body emitted the energy fluctuations of a quasi-emperor, making the surrounding spiritual energy tremble.

The terrifying scene made everyone feel as if they were being threatened by a quasi-emperor.

This was definitely not an ordinary quasi-emperor puppet. It might even have the ability to kill the weakest quasi-emperor.

It was a priceless treasure.

Even if one wanted to forge such a puppet, one couldn’t do so without accumulating half of one’s life’s worth.

Even if one wanted to buy it, no one would sell it.

Mysterious patterns appeared on the puppet. It seemed to be a technique from the ancient era, which was probably lost now.

There were many wounds on the puppet’s body. After countless battles, this was a cold-blooded machine that had hunted down quasi-emperors.

Qin Chen was extremely shocked. With this treasure, he would be able to leave the demon race’s forbidden ground. He would even have the strength to fight against other quasi-emperors.

Now, he no longer had any trump cards.

He quickly separated a strand of his primordial spirit into the core of the puppet to control the puppet’s array.

With someone controlling it, only then could the puppet be considered to have come to life. It was no longer so stiff.

Qin Chen could feel the puppet’s power, something he had never experienced before. It was a pity that it was not at its peak.

Everyone then collected the weapons scattered on the ground. There were some treasures among them.

“Where did you find the Blood Spirit God’s incomplete technique?”

Daoist Eastern Wolf hurriedly said, “Ahead.”

A wall stood thousands of miles away. There seemed to be blood-stained characters on the wall.

This was the opportunity that the Blood Spirit God had left behind for future generations. By chanting this technique, one could summon one of his clones.

No matter how much time had passed, the words on it still looked as if they had just been written with blood.

Qin Chen quickly mastered the technique. It was created by the Blood Spirit God and required a certain price to be used.

If it was used by the descendants of the Blood Spirit God, it would only cost a small amount of soul power.Follow current s on novelenglish.net . ꜰire

However, once an outsider used it, the Blood Spirit God would steal the user’s soul power and even shake his foundation.

“This technique is not suitable for me.”

Not only would one’s soul force be stolen, but Daoist East Wolf also told Qin Chen that a mark had been planted in his body.

The chaotic demon kings who had used this technique all had the mark of the Blood Spirit God in their bodies.

If the Blood Spirit God wanted to find them, it would be easy.

Qin Chen wouldn’t cultivate this technique because of the possibility of being left with a mark.

He did not want to die. He even suspected that the bloody case that broke out thousands of years ago might have been set up by the descendants of the Blood Spirit God.

If he could find those people, he would be rich.

There might have been many treasures here, but they had been taken away. He did not believe that the descendants of the Blood Spirit God would not have gotten anything.

Daoist Eastern Wolf was trembling in fear. He couldn’t believe that his master was so brave as to have designs on the descendant of a Supreme.

“Let’s go. There’s nothing good here. We have to leave the demon race’s forbidden ground as soon as possible.”

At this point, they were not too far away from the edge of the demon race’s forbidden ground.

As Qin Chen left the spatial crack, everyone felt a little regretful. There were only some weapons here, which could be sold for a lot of spirit stones. Still, it was far from their expectations.

God knows how long it would take for this spatial rift to completely collapse. The Blood Spirit God’s cultivation technique was definitely not that simple. It was just a means for future generations.

“How big is the Supreme’s plan?”

Then, Qin Chen left without looking back..