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Harem In The Intergalactic Apocalypse

Chapter 278 The Unleashed Storm
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Chapter 278 The Unleashed Storm

As the Great Red Eye settled into control of Daniel's body, a surge of power emanated from him. The red energy that enveloped Daniel's form intensified, swirling and pulsating with an otherworldly force. Galliadra, unsure of the sudden change, maintained her guard, ready to unleash another onslaught of cosmic energy.

'Daniel?' she questioned, her voice filled with uncertainty.

The Great Red Eye, now in control, looked at Galliadra with an intensity that sent shivers down her draconic spine. "I am the Great Red Eye, the storm that consumes worlds and redefines existence. I am the harbinger of cosmic annihilation."

Galli, taken aback by the declaration, tightened her grip on her powers. 'What madness is this? Tiamat, what has he unleashed upon us?"

Tiamat's voice echoed in Galliadra's mind, cold and commanding. 'He is a force that transcends your understanding. A power born from the chaos of the cosmos. Embrace it, for it is the key to our victory.'

The Great Red Eye floated in the vacuum of space, its crimson glow piercing through the cosmic storm. With a subtle motion of Daniel's hand, the energy around him condensed, forming into ethereal tendrils that reached out toward Galliadra. It was a display of power that defied the laws of reality, a manifestation of the storm's raw might.

With the confidence gained from her mother's words, Galliadra focused her Time Distortion abilities into a tube to extend the range. The shape captured Daniel's form, and the red tendrils, but didn't slow them, or cause any aging effects to his body.

'What is this?! Why are my powers not working?!' Galliadra raged in her mind as she released her ability so she could retreat from the tendrils, but they suddenly sped up.

Tiamat, watching from Galliadra's mind, clicked her tongue in displeasure. She was about to lose another one of her children to this creature's traps! Tiamat had played the fool to see the extent of Daniel's powers, but there always was more!

'Retreat if you can, if not, do not let him have you,' Tiamat ordered, then asked, "You know what this means, right?"

Panic. For the first time in her life that stretched over the eons, she understood what the word meant. Her mother was telling her that she would have to kill herself if she was caught.

'Why don't you send Korrenka to help me? Where is Lindemia?!' Gilliadria pleaded as she rushed to her ship with the tendrils close behind.

Tiamat's response was cold and calculated. 'Lindemia is occupied with other matters, and Korrenka is tasked with hunting down the real Daniel. You must handle this yourself. Do not fail me.'

Galliadra, now in her ship, activated its defenses, creating a powerful barrier to shield herself from the approaching tendrils. The Great Red Eye, however, seemed undeterred. The tendrils adapted, shifting their form to penetrate through the barriers with ease.

'No, no, no! Mother, help me!' Galliadra desperately pleaded, realizing the gravity of her situation. Tiamat, unmoved by her daughter's distress, continued to observe with a sense of detachment.

'You are a dragon of power and loyalty. Face this trial with dignity,' Tiamat instructed, her voice echoing through Galliadra's mind.

Meanwhile, the program Octavia had started completed its data gathering and analyzed the vulnerabilities in Galliadra's mental defenses. They began to feed information into the Great Red Eye's consciousness, exploiting the doubts and insecurities hidden within Galliadra's memories, but the storm didn't care.

The Great Red Eye had only agreed to capture this sliver of a god. He cared nothing for the creature's feelings and didn't care if it came alive or in essence. His new master could give her a new body.

With the tendrils closing in, Galliadra's ship was rapidly losing its defenses. Desperation gripped her as she considered her limited options. In a final act of defiance, she gathered the last of her energy and channeled it into a concentrated burst aimed at the approaching tendrils.

The Great Red Eye absorbed the energy effortlessly, its crimson glow intensifying. "Your efforts are futile, dragon. I am the storm that devours all resistance."

Galli's ship, now defenseless, was engulfed by the tendrils. The Great Red Eye's power surged through the vessel, destabilizing its molecular structure. Galliadra, realizing the impending doom, desperately reached out to Tiamat once more.

'Mother, please! Spare me from this fate!' she pleaded.

Tiamat's response was unwavering. 'You chose this path, my daughter. Accept the consequences.'

As the tendrils completed their assimilation of Galliadra's ship, the Great Red Eye absorbed the dragon's essence. The dragon didn't resist, and a burst of red energy expanded outward, momentarily illuminating the cosmic storm. Galliadra's presence, once powerful and resolute, was extinguished.

The Great Red Eye, having pulled the essence of Galliadra into the Memory Crystal, turned its attention back to the cosmic storm. The tendrils, having completed their task, retracted into the swirling mass of energy surrounding Daniel's body.

"My purpose is done," the Great Red Eye breathed, its voice echoing with a strange fusion of Daniel's and the storm's presence.

Instantly, Daniel's body burst into light and shot into the distance towards Venus.

Tiamat was furious.

"Another useless, weak, pathetic part of me," Tiamat raged, reaching out into the cosmos to grab one of her slave worlds.

The celestial body was pulled towards her, and with a mighty roar, Tiamat devoured it. The Great Mother of All sought solace in her dominion, attempting to fill the void left by Galliadra's demise.

"Why must all my children be so useless?!" Tiamat roared, but her scream was cut off.

"I will give my life in a heartbeat for you, Greatest mother ever! Tiamat!" Korrenka chimed in, her face appearing before the angry Tiamat.

Seeing the one child that was most loyal to her calmed Tiamat. Normally, Korrenka's pandering was another to the Great Mother, but today it was welcome.

"What do you have to report?" Tiamat asked, and an image of what should be a planet appeared, but there was something wrong with it. "Why does it look like that?"

"No clue, but a light just shot into it, and it looks like it is waking up," Korrenka replied, and Tiamat focused on it.

The planet in question, Venus, was not covered in dirt, but massive metal sections. As Tiamat observed the planet, she studied the intricate details of the mechanical structure. The planet's surface had shifted, revealing a vast network of metallic plates, gears, and intricate machinery beneath. Massive pistons and hydraulic systems extended across the planet's surface, creating a mesmerizing display of technological complexity.

The entire mechanized structure seemed to pulsate with energy, giving off an otherworldly glow. As Tiamat continued to watch, the various components of the mechanized Venus began to move in a synchronized dance, each part contributing to the intricate transformation.

The outer layers of the planet folded and shifted, revealing humanoid shapes emerging from the metallic depths. Limbs extended, joints articulated, and a colossal figure started to take form. It was a gigantic robot, its features resembling a fusion of advanced technology and celestial design.

The robot's eyes glowed with a fierce intensity, and intricate patterns adorned its metallic surface, reminiscent of ancient runes. As the transformation neared completion, the colossal robot stood tall, radiating power and an aura of otherworldly sophistication.

"Looks like that massive thing is my target, right?" Korrenka asked, and Tiamat nodded.

"Treat this as a level 2 Baul Class Gideon Mechanized Armor. The abilities will be different, but you will be able to use its size against it. You have my permission to absorb all the units that you brought with you, and I am sending Galliadra's to you as we speak," Tiamat explained, and her daughter nodded.

"Thank you, Great Mother. How long until they arrive?" Korrenka asked as she sent the order for her legions to prepare for assimilation.

"They will take three hours," Tiamat said, then asked, "I assume you will have the fight done before that?"

"Yes, Great Mother! I will not be like my other sisters! You can count on me, or I will give my life in your name!" Korrenka replied with fervor, and her screen vanished, leaving Tiamat to stew.

There was still one more child to check on.