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Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort

Chapter 317
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“Has His Highness Prince Ying had his meal?”

“Yes, but he did not seem to eat much.” Wet Nurse Yi knew that the Princess would definitely interrogate her starting from Prince Ying’s arrival at the residence. It was a good thing that she was more attentive to him.

Princess Zimei narrowed her eyes, a touch of displeasure flashed across them. “It must be because the chef was incompetent and did not meet the expectations of Prince Ying. Which chef was in charge today? Take them out for a beating.”

“Yes.” Though the Princess usually would punish people for reasons as wide-ranging as the variety of flowers, this was the first time she punished her own people on behalf of outsiders. Wet Nurse Yi was a little shocked, but still went along with the Princess’ orders.

Having known that Prince Ying was coming, the Princess recruited famous chefs who specialised in the 8 major cuisines to work in the residence and prepare for Prince Ying’s arrival. Yet who knew that they would already be losing a chef on the first day of his arrival.

Wet Nurse Yi did not know what the Princess would be upset about this time.

Though Lady Zimei still maintained the regality of a royal princess, her pace increased so quickly that the servant girl next to her could not keep up.


Once she stepped into the Luoyan Courtyard, Princess Zimei slowed her steps. The guard at the courtyard bowed his head at her in greeting.

“All of you should withdraw!” Lady Zimei waved them away.

Lady Zimei turned her head and also intended for Wet Nurse Yi to withdraw. But thinking about the rigidly conservative nature of her wet nurse, she would definitely not let her stay in the same room as a man. At this thought, she ordered, “Wet Nurse, bring the rest of the servants in this courtyard to wait for me. This princess will call for you if anything is of concern.”

Wet Nurse Yi felt that this behaviour was inappropriate and chewed on her lips as she tried to hold her tongue. Yet when she looked at the Princess’ cherry blossom-like demeanour akin to that of a young girl, her words remained stuck in her throat and she followed the Princess’ order.

Lady Zimei walked to the entrance and was about to raise her hand to knock on it, only to drop her hand as she looked at her clothes. She felt a little regret seeing that it was a little wrinkled. Maybe she should have first returned back to her room to wash up and changed into a new set of clothes before visiting.

It did not matter, she did not care for it right now. After tapping lightly twice, she pushed the door open.

Wet Nurse Yi was a little shocked when she saw the frantic expression on the Princess’ face. As the beloved Princess of Junlan Nation, besides the Emperor, who would dare treat the Princess this way? Not to mention, the Princess always liked to do as she pleased. Wet Nurse Yi once again squinted at the courtyard as she thought about it.

“It has been a long time, Princess.”

Lady Zimei searched for his silhouette the moment she entered, and only when she gazed into his black ink-like pupils did she suddenly realise that she felt as though she had finally found the source of her illness after pining for so long.

“Why are you dressed like this?” Her previous impression of him was that he was an impassive, distinguished general with a silver mask. Yet at this time, he was dressed in regular attire without that mask on his face. His features also looked ordinary. But she knew—this man was the one she had been waiting for, for two years.

“Princess should know the reason why.” Xiao Xu uttered flatly, and did not pay any mind to her status.

Princess Zimei grinned. Of course she did. If she did not know, why did she let her subordinates threaten the group of them? Knowing Xiao Xu’s temperament, if he was not restrained as such, how could he have given in so easily?

Princess Zimei ignored his words, slowly walked up to him with eyes full of emotions and said with affection, “Your Highness, two years have since passed. Do you still remember how we met at the border back then?”

Xiao Xu coldly replied, “The armies on both sides have heard about the matter of the Princess being caught by your brother when you entered the military camp dressed as a man.”

Princess Zimei shook her head. At that time, she felt that women were not any more inferior to men and was dissatisfied with Father Emperor’s decision to only send Royal Brother out for an expedition so she secretly tagged along, wanting to prove her worth to Father Emperor and Royal Brother and let them know that a woman could make her way into the world. Unfortunately, she was sent to guard the provisions by a lieutenant general who did not know her identity and bumped into Xiao Xu, who was carrying out a night raid. Xiao Xu rode in on a horse into their 100,000 men strong compound as though no one was around, and set fire to their grains. She could not overlook this behaviour and stepped forward to fight him but was knocked down with a swipe of his sword. Her helmet fell to the ground, and the green silk shawl wrapped around her head unravelled, revealing her hair and face.

At that moment, Royal Brother called out to her, “Royal Sister—“ and let slip her identity. The sword that was pressed against her neck stopped an inch short, and she heard him say, “This king does not kill women.” His voice fell upon her like a stream of refreshing water. She tilted her head at him in a trance and at that moment, he looked like a god standing beneath the moonlight.

With a glance, she remembered those eyes of his, that which gleamed even brighter than the stars.

But at that moment, she had also hated him, hated him for making a fool of herself and for exposing her identity.

“Xiao Xu, this Princess is not finished with you!” She yelled without any fear of death as she was helped up.

Unfortunately, the other party did not even spare her a second glance, and had left the grounds.

Princess Zimei looked at him, and briefly felt a sense of loss. It had clearly been an encounter between the two of them but why did he draw the line so cleanly between them and removed himself from the situation back then? “Your Highness, do you not feel ashamed when meeting this Princess? If it was not for you exposing my identity, I would not have been discovered so quickly.”

“Is that so? This king has already forgotten what happened.” Xiao Xu’s tone was still calm, his emotions not fluctuating even though the other party was being coquettish.

Princess Zimei frowned. This was not at all the reunion she had imagined. She thought that he would be happy to see her but why did he not have a reaction at all?

“Your Highness, you might not remember, but this Princess does. I still remember sneaking into your military camp but was eventually discovered by your subordinates, who brought me to you. Instead of listening to your subordinates, you tied me up like a hostage and sent me back to my camp. Royal Brother was surprised at what you did.” It was then that she thought he had some form of romantic intentions towards her, so he did not make things difficult for her.

Xiao Xu raised his brows. When he had discovered the Junlan military’s weak point, he felt that there was no need to expend more effort. He also did not care to use means like taking hostages. His purpose was not only to win the battle, but also for the Junlan nation to sign a non-aggression pact. There was no need for him to rip apart this veneer of peace and damage Junlan’s pride.

It is just that he never liked to explain himself to people who did not matter, so he stayed silent.

Immersed in her own daydreams and delusion, Princess Zimei did not notice at all the other party’s lack of attention on her and continued, “By the way, Royal Brother had admired you ever since his duel with you. If he knew you were in my residence, he probably would come for you but do not worry, I will not let him know that you are here.”

She had another purpose, but she could not let Royal Brother spoil her plans.

“Princess Zimei.”

After hearing the bunch of nonsense from her, Xiao Xu felt that his patience had reached its limit.

“What do you really want to say to me?”

Lady Zimei had initially prepared a belly full of words but her cheeks flushed a faint pink at his words. She twisted her hands together, her body burning with shyness.