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Enchanted By His Charm

Enchanted By His Charm
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Enchanted By His Charm

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    Summary Dor Irish Lane- 28 years old, was a renowned psychologist in New York. She looked stunningly attractive, sexy, and smart—a real beauty with the flesh of ice and bones of jade every man's eyes.One day, she woke up with a dashing and mysterious stranger on her bed. Recalling last night's event, she can't remember how they end upgether in the huge bed. She stared at the calm face before her and was startled when his phone rang. The man woke up and quickly answered the call.She clearly heard thenversation he had. The stranger was getting marriedday!mposing herself, she hastilyok money from her wallet and handed it him without giving him a chance explain. She sprinted the door and disappeared from his life.Unexpectedly, when she started her new job, the stranger once again appeared in front of her, dragging her i a murder case hismpany, Runene Group, involved.She refused him immediately, but no way he would let her escape.He calmly said, “It's very dangerous for you, being so beautiful, get i my car in the first place. And I take no for an answer!”Irish tried calm herself down and then did her seat belt. “Mr. Dover, I'veld you that I also usually charge overtime pay.”“Dor Irish, don't you think your professional fee is high?”“Is it?” Irish rolled her eyes, and an idea occurred her, “No, the price of basicmmodities nowadays is increasing, so dors should increase their salaryo.”“You are a smart woman.” He said a half-sentence, and the end of his words was meaningful. “Ofurse, the extra money on the check was just an advance deposit. We can negotiate about the related remuneration once I'm satisfied with your performance.”His scheming trick clearly trapped her, and it waso late for her take back her words and realize the implication of her abrupt action.A dangerous game of love that is full of lies and deception. Two exceptional individuals that fatellided, leading the past they tried bury. You’re reading “Enchanted By His Charm” on See all Hide

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