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Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 638
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This Black Star Seven Dragon Ball actually contained the energy of Space-Time, and it was also very large. It was clear that it already had the ability to travel through tand space. No wonder the Dragon God only found one Black Star Dragon Ball. It should be said that this was the only one in the entire Universe 7.

In other words, the other few of this Black Star Dragon Ball might be scattered in other Space-Time. If one were to compare, the energy contained in this small Dragon Ball was not inferior to that of a Super Dragon Ball. The only one who could create this Dragon Ball was the Dark Dragon God Pulred.

Muyang raised his head, a light flashing in his dark eyes.

This matter should be told to the TPatrol team to make them vigilant.

After thinking for a while, Muyang put the Black Star Dragon Ball into Acceleration World, and then said to Piccolo and the others, “This Black Star Dragon Ball is very dangerous. I will seal it up for the tbeing.”

“It should be.” Piccolo hurriedly nodded. The other party was a god that even Shenron feared. He did not dare to compete with Muyang, the great SuprKai, for the ownership of the Black Star Dragon Ball.

Muyang knew that the Black Star Dragon Ball was the safest place for him. At this moment, a violent shock wave swept over from the lower realm. Lookout swayed left and right, as if it was a lone boat in the vast ocean. There was a possibility of capsizing at any time. Muyang frowned and scanned Son Goku who was actually at a disadvantage under the siege of the Frieza and his brother.

“Son Goku is not a match for Frieza alone. I will go over and help him.”

“Thank you, Lord Grand SuprKai.” Piccolo said respectfully.

Muyang nodded and revealed a gentle smile. Then, he teleported to Son Goku and Frieza’s battlefield.

In an area as desolate as the desert, the remains of the civilization buildings were wiped out by the high energy. The area within a radius of dozens of kilometers was razed to the ground. In the distance, there were wisps of green smoke and a pungent smell. It was impossible to tell that this place used to be a bustling city.


An orange light flashed in the sky.

It was as if a blazing sun had risen and suddenly exploded. Along with a strong whirlwind, boundless pressure spread out in all directions. Son Goku and Golden Frieza fought fiercely. The two of them threw a punch at each other and hit each other in the chest. Suddenly, two forces of energy radiated along the plane. Son Goku and Golden Frieza were both sent flying.

At this moment, Golden Cooler quickly stepped forward and aimed at the opportunity to attack Son Goku several hundred times.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Lightning flashed continuously, instantly releasing a terrifying power.

“Ah!” Son Goku spat out a mouthful of blood and let out an angry roar. The blue flames on his body spread out like mist. His light blue hair gave off a sparkling light, forcefully pushing the Golden Cooler a thousand meters away.

The ground suddenly cracked, and under the pressure of the momentum, it formed a hundred-meter-wide collapse pit. The rocks around Son Goku seemed to be unable to withstand the pressure and issued a “kacha kacha kacha” sound, as if they would collapse at any time.

Golden Frieza and Golden Cooler looked at the figure below with uncertainty in their eyes.

This human was still getting stronger.

Golden Frieza said, “He’s simply a monster. Seeing his appearance remindsof the person who killed me. At that time, there was a woman who looked similar to him.”

Golden Cooler’s eyes flickered as he said darkly, “Super Saiyan, he is definitely a Super Saiyan as well.”

“This form of mine is called Super Saiyan Blue!!”

Son Goku wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and stood proudly, his body burning with mist-like flames.

“Hahaha, no matter if you are a Super Saiyan or not, you will die today.” Frieza’s face was ferocious, and his aura suddenly beceven colder.

In the face of the Golden Frieza’s aura, Son Goku’s face suddenly changed. At this moment, a figure appeared beside Son Goku. Seeing this figure, Son Goku’s expression was relaxed. “Uncle Muyang, fortunately, you can make it in time.”The most update n0vels are published on novelenglish(.)nᴇt

“Leave the rest to me.” Muyang said calmly.

Seeing the sudden appearance of Muyang, Frieza’s expression changed. His expression turned ugly. Then, he roared hysterically, “So it was you. You were the one who made us suffer in hell for decades!”

“You recognize me. It seems that you are the Frieza that I killed back then.”

Frieza’s face twisted. “I will not forget you. Now that we have been resurrected and have obtained great power with the help of Lord Mechikabura, you are no longer a match for us!”

“Mechikabura, so it is him.”

“Cooler, what are you waiting for? Cwithand kill this bastard.” Frieza was a little crazy when he saw Muyang. Golden Cooler also couldn’t forget the person who killed him. At this time, he was also gnashing his teeth in hatred. There was no need for Frieza to say anything. Cooler suddenly attacked Muyang.

“Human, let’s settle the new and old hatred together this time.”

Cooler roared hysterically. His blue veins flashed on his forehead, his muscles twisted, and his momentum reached the level where the storm alone could destroy the earth in an instant.

Crash… Golden Cooler rushed towards Muyang. A resplendent light tore through the sky, and the scene was extremely beautiful. However, in the next moment, all of the attacks cto a sudden halt.

Muyang stretched out a finger and tapped lightly in the air. It sounded as if he was tapping on a table. Cooler stopped half a meter away from Muyang. No matter how he struggled, the space seemed to have frozen, making it impossible for him to move.


A finger flicked at Cooler and landed on his head.

Avera’s eyes were bloodshot, and blood splattered everywhere. He couldn’t resist Muyang’s attack at all, and his entire body exploded, turning into a bloody mist in an instant.

“Half-God Level. Unfortunately, his strength isn’t enough. He can’t even block a single attack from me.”

Muyang said calmly. He waved his arm and absorbed the flesh and soul of the Golden Cooler into Acceleration World. He looked at Frieza with a deep gaze. Frieza, who had wanted to take revenge earlier, was stunned by the scene in front of him.

His body was stiff in the air, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.


Son Goku was stunned.

Similarly, the people watching the battle in the temple were also shocked.

“Lord Grand SuprKai is actually so powerful.”

“It’s too scary.”

“That’s impossible. How could Cooler be killed without even being able to block a single attack…” After a long while, Golden Frieza shouted out in a trembling voice. A chill suddenly formed from the soles of his feet and surged into his heart along his spine. His entire body trembled and his scalp went numb.

Not to mention that he did not believe it, even Son Goku, who had always thought that he understood Muyang’s strength better, was stunned by the opponent’s thunderous attack.

With just one attack, the powerful Golden Cooler was smashed into meat paste!

This was way too much.

Although he had thought that Muyang would be very powerful, when he truly saw his opponent kill the Golden Cooler with a single strike, he still found it hard to believe.

In reality, this was because Son Goku rarely saw a Universe Level expert attack. For a Half-God Level to God of Destruction Level, there was an insurmountable gap, and the gap between a God of Destruction Level and an Angel Level was also separated by a heavenly chasm.

If an Angel Level wanted to kill a Half-God Level, it would really be a matter of a finger.

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