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Citadel for All: The Only Unit Angel at the Start of the Game

Chapter 411
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Chapter 411 Part-1: A demigod! A Suprrank Saint Artifact, the King’s Ring! Attack the Dragon Nest! Dragon Slayer warrior? Kill without mercy!

“I’ve waited so long!”

“That Dragon Nest Patriarch is finally about to beca demigod!”

Lin Yi sighed.

With his current castle strength, he could hunt demigods.

However, the problem was that the demigods were too rare.

In the past two days, Lin Yi sent the Twelve-Winged Angel Ellen to search the entire Dark Forest, but she hadn’t found the slightest Demigod-ranked existence.

The strongest living beings in the Dark Forest were at the peak of the Saint Realm.

The hope of hunting a demigod could only fall on the head of the Dragon Nest, Gallup.

That was why Lin Yi had waited until now.

Otherwise, after destroying the Forest Giant’s Kingdom, he would order the army to continue attacking the Dragon Nest.

Two days ago, he had conquered the entire Dark Forest.

What made Lin Yi feel relieved was that Gallup did not fail to advance.

Just as he expected, he successfully ignited his Divine Fland advanced to the Demigod realm.

“It’s very difficult for a native creature to beca Demigod.”

“Igniting the Divine Flhas troubled the countless stunning peak Saint Realm experts.”

“Gallup succeeded because he absorbed a fragment of an unknown godhead.”

“But no matter what.”

“He succeeded!”

“This is good news!”

Lin Yi’s face was full of smiles.

He was looking forward to killing a demigod and getting something good out of it.

Thinking about it was not bad.


After replying to the Silver Dragon Princess Betty, Lin Yi gathered the castle army in the castle.

After all, his opponent was a giant dragon. He was very powerful.

After considering for a moment, he excluded the relatively weak Goblin Legion, Dwarf Legion, and Light Legion, and only selected sKing-ranked and Saint-ranked powerhouses from them.

The army was responsible for this expeditionary battle.

It was his Angel Corps, the Natural Elven Corps, and Phoenix Guard Corps.

“In this attack on the Dragon Nest, the three top armies of my castle, as well as all the King-ranked and Saint-ranked powerhouses, will be sent out!”

“There is only one goal, and that is to attack the Dragon Nest!”Thɪs chapter is updated by ɴovᴇl(ꜰ)ir(e).nᴇt

Amidst Lin Yi’s whispers.

The three armies quickly gathered.

King-ranked and Saint-ranked Goblins, Dwarves, Rangers, Cardinals, Flaming Dragons, and dragons of Holy Light all joined the expedition.

The number of soldiers had reached around seven thousand.

Among them, the largest was the Nature Elven Army, which had 2,500 Nature Elves; they were the elite of the six thousand Nature Elves.

Next was the Angel Corps, which had a total of two thousand six Angels.

The weakest was at ninth-ranked, while the strongest was a Demigod.

Originally, Lin Yi only had 1,606 angels. After two days of nurturing, his number of angels would reach two thousand. He would form two full corps of angels.

One would be led by the Ten-Winged Angel, Aquamarine Winnie.

Another would be temporarily led by the Twelve-Winged Angel, Shirley.

As for Katherine, she would be in charge of these two angel armies.

After all, she was the Fourteen-Winged Flaming Angel, and she was a Demigod-ranked expert.


After two days of hunting, the castle army had slaughtered nearly a million wild monsters, destroying many local powers…

Although none of the soldiers had advanced to demigod rank because they hadn’t encountered any powerful enemies, the number of King-ranked soldiers and Saint-ranked soldiers in the castle had greatly increased.

He didn’t want to talk about King-ranked soldiers.

Lin Yi had over two hundred Saint-ranked soldiers under his command.

The largest numbers of them were Angels.

More than a hundred Upper Angels had reached Saint rank.

Another dozen had advanced to the peak of Saint rank.

The battle power of the two Angel Corps was terrifying!

Other than that, the Nature’s Elves Army and the Phoenix Guard Army also gave birth to many Saint-ranked experts, and the strength of the other armies had also soared.

It could be said that with the current strength of Angel Castle, conquering the Dragon Nest was definitely an easy task.

Lin Yi did not need to use the [Sky City] at all; it was enough to dominate the end of this expeditionary battle.

The reason he was looking forward to it was all because he wanted to see what he could drop after killing the demigod-ranked Dragon Nest leader Gallup. He would also use the opportunity to take down the Dragon Nest so that he could have a few more demigods under his command.

There were a few Angels and Elves whose ‘experience’ had already reached the peak of the Saint Realm.

For example, the Angel of Love, Nina, the Twelve-Winged Angel, Shirley and Angelina, the Angel of Death, Dale, and the Elf Erica.

They had already stepped into the Demigod Domain.

They were just waiting to kill a few powerful enemies to help them out.

In addition, Lin Yi himself was the same.

As the army gathered, he looked at his personal information.

[Castle Lord: Lin Yi]. [Strength: Peak Saint]. [Castle Rank: High-Ranked Main City]. [Castle Military: Angel (Unique Military), Phoenix Guard, Flaming Dragon, Holy Light Dragon, Nature Elf, Light Military, Pure Blood Dwarf…]. [Castle Construction: Angel Rebirth Pool, Elven Mother Tree, Light Monastery, Holy Light Temple, Altar of Faith…]. [Equipment: Protection of Nature Elves (Holy Equipment Set), Holy Glorious Ring (Holy Equipment), Dynasty Heart (Divine Item), Sky City (War Fortress of Angels)…]. [Energy Stones: 1,120,578]. [Foreign Crystals: 12,874].


“I have a premonition~,”

“That moment the Dragon Nest’s leader Gallup will die, I will beca demigod!”

From peak Saint-rank to demigod required an astonishing amount of ‘experience’.

Moreover, this was a checkpoint from mortals to gods. It could be achieved overnight, only by killing powerful enemies.

That was why, even though the castle army had hunted a million ordinary wild monsters, Lin Yi still hadn’t ranked up.

The enemy was too weak!

Not to mention Saint-ranked, even King-ranked were pitifully few.

‘Experience’ was too low.

However, even so, Lin Yi’s current rank had already reached the peak of Saint rank, he only needed a small fuse to beca Demigod.