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Ascension Of The Immortal Asura-Novel

Ascension Of The Immortal Asura-Novel
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Ascension Of The Immortal Asura-Novel

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    Summary On the Yuanntinent, fantastic beasts and powerful cultivrs exist. Their immense power is capable of shattering mountains and emptying oceans.On thisntinent lives John Fenix, an unfortunate youth who is unable cultivate and wield such immense power. Johnuld only powerlessly look up others and watch as they soared heights unseen.After a fortuus eunter with a mysterious object, John finds himself able cultivate. Determined never feel powerless again, John sets out on a cultivation path filled with danger and excitement. Utilizing powerful cultivation arts found within the mysterious object, John sets out write his own legend and ascend above all as the Immortal Asura.You’re reading “Ascension Of The Immortal Asura” on See all Hide

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