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Adorable Wife at Home: Flash Marriage with Her Mysterious Husband

Chapter 484 - 484: God-Level Cooperation
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Chapter 484: God-Level Cooperation

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Ning Mu came out wearing the background music outfit, his movements lazy.

Lu Jiujiu immediately said, “Hurry up and give my Brother Mu a haircut. My Brother Mu is going to kill everyone later, especially that dog Cheng Jun. He actually dared to touch me. Today, I’ll let him know why flowers are so red!” “Are you sure?” Ning Mu asked indifferently.

“It’s all thanks to you!” Lu Jiujiu said. “Are you really not planning to be my left and right protector? After all, I’m your sister’s most beloved younger sister. We’re both members of the evil supporting cast. Why do you only love Sister Ning Sheng and have such a bad attitude towards Sister Jiujiu?”

Wasn’t everything fine before?

How did it become like this?

“Jiujiu, you talk too much.” Ning Mu was stunned.

Lu Jiujiu was speechless.Thɪs chapter is updated by N(o)vᴇl(ꜰ)ire.nᴇt


Lu Jiujiu was speechless. Brat, I’ll see you on the field after the competition!

“Ning Sheng has never been noisy. She’s as quiet as a fairy.”

These words sounded like they were stepping on one and holding one.

“Ning Mu, you and Sister Ning Sheng are not related by blood, right? I have a feeling that you like her, and it’s not the kind of brother-sister relationship.” Lu Jiujiu suddenly started to feel guilty. She didn’t care about anything just now, but her expression changed when she heard this.

“She’s just my sister,” Ning Mu said.

No matter who said it, she was still her sister.

Lu Jiujiu nodded.

It was alright.

That way, her brother would have one less love rival.

The match began.

The emcee said, “Everyone, welcome to the press conference of our “Night Illumination”. Today, we’ve invited two of the top teams in the country, BGM and ST, to liven up the atmosphere. I hope that we can all have a good night and understand our “Night Illumination” game better…”

The ST members below-

“What happened? Captain?” He wasn’t too satisfied.

“That’s right. Why did he say BGM first? Is ST not worthy?”

Cheng Jun opened his eyes when he heard this. “Don’t you understand? This host was a die-hard fan of Lu Jiujiu. Could he be more promising? We’ll just have to rely on our abilities to let them know that ST is invincible.”

“I heard that the vice-captain over there is injured.”

“Are you done yet?” Cheng Jun wasn’t very happy. What does it have to do with us? We only need to think about our own matters and defeat them. As for the rest, there’s nothing to consider.”

He and Lu Jiujiu had been in combat mode for so many years.

He didn’t want to care about the situation over there.

He wasn’t too happy about his teammate’s injury.

The friendly match began.

Ning Mu put on his glasses and went on stage.

He saw Ning Sheng sitting in the VIP seats. She was wearing a cap and had no makeup on her face. She was holding a support stick in her hand and a support sign with the words “Baby Mumu” written on it, and it was his favorite purple color.

“What are you looking at?” Lu Jiujiu asked.

Ning Mu shook his head.

He sat in the vice-captain’s seat.

Lu Jiujiu glanced at Ning Sheng’s seat and smiled.

Lu He was expressionless.

“Next up is our friendly match!” the host said.

After she finished speaking, the big screen showed Lu Jiujiu’s face. She still looked cold and aloof on stage, but now she wasn’t wearing a hat, and her side profile looked extremely valiant.

“Chirp chirp!”

“Chirp chirp continue to be king! We will follow you forever!”

“I love chirp! Chirp chirp, marry me!”

“Chirp chirp! Marry me!”

“Marry me!”

“In your dreams,” a cold voice sounded from the side.

“What? Who are you? Do you want to fight?”

“She’s mine,” he said coldly.

Fan: “Uncle, your face is a good thing. I hope you can have some.”

“She’s my girlfriend. Why? Can’t you dream?”

The man who spoke took off his hat, revealing a gentle face.

This is the beginning of admiration.

Fans: “????”

What the f * ck?

The main character?

“I don’t care. Chirp Chirp still loves me!”

“Even if Chirp Chirp has a boyfriend, it still loves me!”

Mu Xianchu smiled and shook his head.

Forget it, why bother with a few children?

On the stage, the competition began.

Cheng Jun glanced at Lu Jiujiu and realized that she was looking at the man beside her. He was stunned for a moment before he followed her gaze and realized that it was an unfamiliar face.

Who was it?

Sitting in the position of vice-captain?

On the other hand, Lu Jiujiu didn’t think too much about it.

He said, “All of you should still follow your original positions. Don’t think about the vice-captain. Although we didn’t rehearse, I know that he will always appear in the position where we need him. Although it’s a friendly match, we can’t let our guard down, understand?” Lu Jiujiu cheered him on. “This is a live broadcast. The real vice-captain is watching us in front of the screen. Work hard, understand?”



Ning Mu smiled.

“Do you think I’m funny?” Lu Jiujiu tilted her head.

Ning Mu shook his head. “I just didn’t expect you to be like this when you’re serious. Not bad, not bad.”

“As the leader of the BGM, of course, I have to do what I have to do,” Lu Jiujiu said. “Besides, I’m very satisfied that my team members are encouraged by me.”

The match began.

Lu Jiujiu continued to harvest the heads with her gun.

No one in ST dared to face Chirp Chirp, and their heads would explode if they weren’t careful.

[In conclusion, they don’t know how they died.]

Other than Cheng Jun, no one else could match up to Chirp.

In the beginning, the BGM thought that the match would be very difficult, but they found that it was quite easy. If there was anything missing, Ning Mu would be ready. Moreover, everyone had ammunition, and the reserve force was complete.

Some people who thought Ning Mu was incapable felt that they had been slapped in the face.

Ning Mu could always give them what they needed the most.

Moreover, he had silently reaped the head of the opponent.

It had to be said.

One word, awesome!

Lu Jiujiu and Ning Mu cooperated very well.

The BGM player was puzzled.

Ning Mu had given them all the guns and ammunition, so how could they still harvest the heads as if nothing had happened? Until they saw on the mini-map that Ning Mu had quietly approached and directly killed the other party with his military knife at close range, they were all stunned.

What the f * ck? Wasn’t it a gunfight?

Why are you acting cool?

Three heads were chopped off.

Only Captain Cheng Jun and Vice-Captain were left.

Only then did Cheng Jun feel the pressure.

The one they should be wary of the most wasn’t Lu Jiujiu, but this silent killer. He would hide in an unknown place and appear at the end to reap the heads.

“Jiujiu, go to Area B and wait.” Ning Mu suddenly spoke.

Lu Jiujiu nodded and went to Area B without a word.

Three minutes later, he saw the vice-captain of ST.

F * ck, Ning Mu knew how to read fortunes, right? It was a little too awesome!


ST’s vice-captain was killed..